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Remote IT Support


Remote IT Support
Remote IT Support

A system that enables a person to connect to and use a particular computer or network from a distance is referred to as a remote IT service. Your IT specialists won’t have to compel you to wait just so they can arrive at the office when an issue arises as a result. With the aid of remote access software, they can resolve your issue.

Tech support for small businesses used to always take place on-site. The necessity for round-the-clock onsite support has, however, decreased with the introduction of remote IT services. The business computer specialists at “Our Company” can fix a lot of your IT problems with the use of remote access software.

Our work process

At ITT 360 Inc, we adhere to a targeted and organized process for remote IT support services. Our IT support engineers listen carefully to your issue and then provide a tailored solution to assist you in resolving it as quickly as possible. Following is our detailed process for providing remote IT support services.

  • Booking requests for support and creating an online ticket

    We swiftly log your help request using the most recent online ticketing system. Booking your application with us and starting a session in response to it is the first step. We contact the user via phone or email depending on the importance of the case.

  • Helping the user download the appropriate service suite

    We help the user in downloading the appropriate service package that is compatible with the device they have available. Also, we guarantee the software's compatibility to always offer rapid and simple troubleshooting.

  • Facilitating the user with software configuration

    The user is guided in configuring the network and acquiring control settings by our remote IT support professionals. We take this step to validate that the user set up the remote service suit securely.

  • Remote IT Help for Solution Process

    When the user has finished configuring the software, we look for a special ID that will allow us to connect to their computer remotely. We start the actual troubleshooting procedure and address the issue after gaining the required access.

  • Getting response from the User

    A crucial step in the course of remote IT service support is getting customer feedback. Before we close the ticket, we make sure to get the user's feedback. It allows us in identifying and resolving any user issues as well as enhancing our customer support solutions.

Our portfolio of services

Server Hardware and Software support

In order to minimize your downtime, ITT 360 Inc provides managed, 24/7 remote assistance.  As the brain of your internal operating system, your server cannot be left unattended for an extended amount of time. For your peace of mind, we’ll install monitoring software that will alert us about any potential issues. This way, you can be confident in receiving the best possible support. We provide a variety of services because every business has varied demands, including:

  • Consistent Support
  • Server Support
  • Break Fix
  • Software, printers, PDAs, laptops, and computer hardware coverage
  • Help Desk
  • Virtual access
Secure and Reliable Network Infrastructure Solutions

A secure network is identified by a functioning firewall. Providing a shared infrastructure for integrated data, phone, and video services, networks serve sensitive, essential applications and operations; firewall security is of utmost importance. The security team at ITT 360 Inc is prepared to help you when you need it. We’ll act swiftly to successfully stop attacks and exploit weaknesses when you’re under attack so you can resume operations. Regardless of how well you guard against security lapses, you must also have a plan prepared for when cyberattacks succeed. There are multiple working parts in networks, including storage, firewalls, servers, routers, load balancers, switches, and more. ITT 360 Inc will do a variety of tasks for you, such as supplying, securing, and listing your network hardware and software, verifying the presence of all drivers and software, managing your licenses, integrating them with your current hardware, and more. We are ready to keep your network architecture functional at all times, regardless of its complexity, ranging from the most basic LAN to the most extensive hybrid.

Adeptly managing and supporting web servers

At affordable pricing, we perform web server administration tasks such as & php applications on cloud servers running Linux and Windows. For optimum performance, our team will make sure that your infrastructure is deployed and managed regularly.

  • Task Scheduling
  • System Hardening
  • Facilitate Automatic Backup
  • Setting up Mail Server
  • Server Optimization
  • Support for configuring and installing the web server
Dedicated management of IT infrastructures

The administration of your company’s infrastructure can be handled in a variety of ways, including on-site, co-located in a data center, and “as a service” in the cloud, using Infrastructure Management Services (IaaS). If they are handled safely and effectively, they will let your end users receive apps and services successfully.

In consideration of your business needs and objectives, our skilled engineers can help you choose the best-managed infrastructure service. We can offer you access to our proprietary fault-tolerant and reliable IT infrastructure hosting platform, from which we can lease out computer resources on an as-needed basis, or we can make use of prominent public cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or Amazon’s AWS.

Perks of working with Itt 360 Inc

You can gain a lot from our support even if you never have face-to-face interactions with our skilled experts. By using remote help, ITT 360 Inc is able to promptly take care of your needs, from installing software to resolving hardware problems to networking issues. Among the top advantages of using our remote tech support services are the following:

  • Time-saving

    The lesser time commitments you have, the better. Although in-person meetings might be beneficial, scheduling one might not be possible given your busy schedule. Even less practical to try to solve IT issues on your own. You can quickly understand your issue with the help of our remote support services without taking additional time out of your busy day.

  • Reducing downtime

    In case of an intrusion or outage, a swift response can be the difference between life and death. You can quickly set up your network with the help of our support staff.

  • Cost Saving

    It is unnecessary to make an in-person visit to resolve potential problems because our IT professionals can handle issues remotely. By doing this, you can cut down on the added expense of having someone come to your workplace. It can result in significant cost reductions.

  • Supplementary services

    Many of our customers appreciate that our remote support services enhance rather than substitute for our onsite and in-store solutions. Both household and business clients appreciate our tech support's versatility because they may need various services on different occasions.

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